Summer News

Summer is here ... and I have a spectacular new summer tee to wear.   I will be wearing it at The Muslin Sweater Retreat in a month there is no question - and most days before and after that too!  We have had a couple of cancellations for this one-of-a-kind Retreat, so if you were wondering  about what to do in August - hesitate no more and grab one of the spots that have opened!

Have you seen Elizabeth Doherty's latest pair of designs????  They're a pair of garments that are adaptable in every way and guaranteed to fit everyone.  You can customize the hem shape and length, the sleeves (from cap to full length) and the fiber (the gauge is in the happy sweet spot of 22x4!).   And all of this drapes from your perfectly fitted shoulders.  Then .... yes, there's more - it's top down and fully finished - all those elegant details are just knit along the way.  As always with Elizabeth, the pattern guides you every step of the way and is a perfect introduction to working with a Blue Bee design.  Truly you want one (or two or three!!!)  

This is your Summer of Basics piece.....  Go check them out now.

These particular examples used Shibui Knits wonderful fingering Linen "Reed" held double.  It is cool, drapes and generally perfect for summer.  I cannot recommend it highly enough!  I am planning a Fall version and you could use a lovely DK/Sport wool for winter ... I know I'm going to. 

Elizabeth took these gorgeous pictures of some of the variations - and mine is in there too (although Laura took that pic!).

I loved Monarch's blog post about Elizabeth.  You should hop over and check it out


So come to Sugar Bowl .... you can see all of these in person!  And try them on ... and in the words of of friends at Monarch Knitting  "Knit and Be Happy"