The Muslin Curriculum

The 'test' of our Muslin Sweater Retreat curriculum has begun and I couldn't resist sharing a few revelations - even at this nascent stage - from a humble knitter's perspective.  I know that Elizabeth Doherty will share the evolution and principles of this project, but I wanted to comment as a 'woman with needles'.  

First and foremost - can we hear it for Elizabeth's particular starting point of respecting real women and their bodies as unique individuals?  Truly, her level of analysis of all the variety of ways we are actually constructed and how we move  - and successfully translating that into how that should make our garments fit and work for us is quite astonishing.  As if that were not enough, she has created worksheets and templates that allow every knitter to access the knowledge and translate it to their personal knitting without making our heads spin.  It's a revelation ... can you tell I'm a little bit excited by this?  It's fantastic!

I am even more convinced that attending this Retreat will give you insight and understanding about creating garments that you simply cannot get anywhere else.  Experience at knitting garments that fit me reasonably well has not prepared me for the elegance of this approach. 

Please come to Sugar Bowl in August - you will be so glad you did!  There are some spaces left - but not many and a little prep that you will want to start soon so you can get the yarn choice you want.  

Looking forward to seeing you in your perfectly fit, flattering and comfortable garments for many years to come.


Muslin progress copy.jpg