Norah Gaughan retreat to open - and a day in napa!

First and foremost I thank you all for your interest and enthusiasm in 2018. The joy of knitting and the comfort of community that brought us together was a true highlight of this year for Pacific Knitting Retreats. If you attended a regular class or a special Retreat - or both! - I am truly grateful. To the wonderful teachers who took a chance and said ‘yes’ to a project with me, I cannot thank you enough. Auld Lang Syne to 2018 and on to all the excitement looking ahead. I am traveling to spend the holidays with my family and will wish you all the joy and warmth of the season now. And a suggestion that it is time to put aside ‘challenge’ knitting and settle into relaxing, stressless projects for a couple weeks.

And now, updates to your calendars as requested!

Bookings are open for A Day in Napa, January 20, 2019. Join us for a knitting salon and special project for your post-holiday recovery. Don’t miss this lovely opportunity! Details here

Norah Gaughan Returns to Point Reyes: August 9-12, 2019. Bookings will open for this unique and extraordinary experience on December 15, 2019. Details here

Norah and Emily have prepared a prospectus that uses the intersection between nature and knitting in her particular multi-dimensional way. Together they will lead us through an investigation into how natural Polygons are expressed in knitting and how to use them to create fabric. In addition, we will scrutinize colors in nature to better understand how we perceive color - and then incorporate that into our making.

There will be beach walks, watercolors and notebooks; food, wine, fellowship and the serenity and beauty of the Point Reyes Seashore all enjoyed in our signature intimate small group.

Brooklyn Tweed is the yarn sponsor for this Retreat - and we will have the pleasure of working with Arbor and Peerie on our needles! I am awed to be the host here in our NorCal knitting world. Thank you, Norah, Emily, Luigi and Jared for putting together such a special Retreat.

So … book now for A Day in Napa and get ready when Norah’s Retreat opens on December 15. There’s a lot to look forward to!

I wish you all the love - and happy knitting for the remainder of December and look forward to seeing you all in 2019.

Gayle RavenscroftComment