Fall News and Dates for your Calendars!

SO much going on at Pacific Knitting Retreats! It is time for updates! I’ll be sending out a couple emails in the next week or so to keep you in the loop, so forgiveness to your inbox in advance!

“One Day Retreats” debuted this year, as well as the move to the studio at Indie Alley in Fairfax for regular classes and the Spring KAL (so far!). I have thoroughly enjoyed all of it! And I am excited to continue to explore some of these ‘closer to home’ adventures.

In a continuation of the effort to become better educated about our Fibershed community which began with the wonderful farm visits to Meridian Jacobs and Heartfelt Fiber Farm, I am happy to announce two “Save the Date” extensions in the series of getting to know who made our yarn:

October 13, 2019

Natural Dye Retreat in Napa with Brooke Sinnes of Sincere Sheep

October 27, 2019

Valley Oak Wool Mill, Woodland, CA

Let’s take FULL advantage of the mild Fall weather and the fiber resources around us, and push our understanding further by seeing what happens to that fleece after it comes off the sheep.

Mark your calendars and spend a couple days with the amazing fiber makers in our own backyard. I will send out the details on signing up for each of these events soon.

Regular Class Update:

My weekly classes are held in Fairfax on Tuesday mornings 10-noon, Tuesday evenings 7-9pm, Wednesday afternoons 2-4pm and Saturday mornings 10-noon. The Tuesday and Saturday morning classes are complete and Tuesday evenings mostly so - and therefore are typically not open for ‘drop in’ opportunities, but on occasion, and particularly in summer, there are possibilities for potential students on Wednesday afternoons from 2-4pm. The Wednesday classes are inspiring and relaxing and possibly getting very busy again in the Fall when students return (although I always keep them small - 6 is perfect, 8 if you love each other and are willing to be patient and anything under is fine too). If you’d like to drop in (on this or any other class) just pop me an email and ask about a seat. It’s $20 per class and no obligation to commit beyond that (although some students do pay for all the classes in a month and make a commitment - which is also totally fine, of course)

I look forward to seeing you soon - and that you are having a very happy summer. If I am seeing you at the Retreat with Norah and Emily —- you are in for SUCH a treat and I can’t wait!

All in all I have to say that summer knitting has become one of my favorite things!