2019 - new ways to learn

First and foremost I hope your knitting life brought you joy, solace and new friends in 2018. Mine did - and I am so grateful to each and everyone who has connected with me in some way this year for your interest, enthusiasm and support. The little (and somewhat unintended) project has grown into a significant part of my life and (apart from the computer time!) I have loved each and every moment of it. So … 2019 ….

There will be Multi-Day Retreats along the lines of the events of 2018 and planning for those are underway. Texture, structure and color are the themes for 2019 and I am so delighted that Norah Gaughan, Emily O’Neill, Sloane Rosenthal and Emily Greene will be our leaders at two Retreats.

And there will be one ‘party’ Retreat …. Britt Marie Brehmer and Gayle want to celebrate and we are hoping some knitters would like to join us … you know there will be wine and Shibui!

Gayle is expanding her teaching and will offer regular weekly workshops, Seasonal Knitalongs and private lessons.

2019 will debut Mini Retreats - one day events that will focus on specific subjects and presented by expert teachers. The first of these is scheduled for the 20th January, 2019 in Napa. Look out for Working with Linen as well as understanding Natural Dyes through hands-on application - among other topics that are on the agenda with dates to be announced soon.

Field Trips! We love them. Mills, Farms, Shows and Shops where we can learn more about our community together are being scheduled.

Add to this mix, Pop ups of favorite yarns and designers. All of these will continue to express the qualities that have motivated us in 2018: Small groups in lovely surroundings, well nourished and supported to learn new skills and deepen knowledge.

Announcements on each of these will be forthcoming - if you are receiving this email, then you will get them. If you have specific questions or requests, please email me at any time!

Laura Blumenfeld and Bette Hodges have been an integral part of my support this year and I literally I could not do it without them. Laura has agreed to be in charge of hospitality and social media as well as maintaining my sanity in 2019 and Bette remains in her official “Deputy B” role - mentor, pop up partner, reminder of the ‘no whingeing’ rule, always up for a field trip and generally having my back. Since this venture is not one that makes a profit particularly, their goodwill and energy with very small (if any!) reward, is truly incredible. And I know you all enjoy them as I do, so THANK YOU from all of us! Your advice, support and contributions are allowing Pacific Knitting Retreats to barrel into 2019 with all the fun! We have plans for you…..

I have found great joy in meeting and working with new (to me) knitters and yarn folks; and strengthening my connection with my existing network. I am grateful for the support and encouragement we have shared with each other. I am excited to continue to grow together in 2019.

I hope that you will find a reason to stay connected in 2019 - and that one of our events will make its way onto your schedule.

Gayle RavenscroftComment