A New Year .... full of Retreats!

2018 ... it's almost here and it holds the fulfillment of knitting dreams for me - and I hope for you too.  I pinch myself as I look at the lineup of teachers who have agreed to journey from near and far to Northern California.  I feel like such a fan girl when I say that these knitters represent the people I most yearn to learn from and the fact that they have agreed to join us is a great gift.  The content of the Retreats is substantial and inspiring.  I believe we will all elevate our skills and understanding by participating in them.  Oh, and we are going to really have some fun in the process.  

In the next few weeks, I hope you will bear with me as I share some of the details of our projects and locations, as well as deadlines and other important information.  For those who will join us (or anyone who wants to snag one of the last spots!) in February for the YOTH/Magpie Retreat, the yarns and project that are cooking will make you drool!  It's a perfect mid-winter solace .... see you there!

So THANK YOU for your enthusiastic embrace of this idea.  A focus on our craft, our natural world and a deeper appreciation of both can only promote the peace, love and understanding that I want for you all in 2018.   HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone.

Gayle RavenscroftComment