Time for Technique


Small Learning Sessions

Each retreat is designed to present an opportunity to learn from teachers who represent the most exciting current thinking in knitting.  Each teacher will present techniques specific to their particular niche in the yarn world.  These leaders bring their progressive approaches to the craft, while honoring the traditions that we all hold dear.  

A particular project focus for each of the retreats is designed to help you hone in on the teaching experience that meets your needs as well as a chance to explore new interests.

Learning sessions will be intimate with plenty of time to interact with instructors and enjoy their exclusive attention.


Knitting Circles

Overnight retreats offer the valuable opportunity to enjoy informal knitting circles outside the more structured Small Learning Sessions.  Knitting Circles are a time honored tradition that allow knitters to share their tricks and tips.  We will make time for this treasured exchange with our teachers and each other.







For reservations or information:

Any and all communication is very welcome.  Please feel free to ask questions, or sign up for updates about the Retreats.  Once bookings open, reservations will be accepted on a first come first serve basis.